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Financing for Commercial Clients:

The Rental Company in partnership with Hurricane Equipment is now able to offer you an affordable method of payment for your commercial equipment which means that you don’t have to feel the pinch of a large capital layout.

 Benefits of financing your equipment with Hurricane Equipment and TRC:

  • TRC is one of the oldest & most established rental finance service providers;
  • TRC has access to 9 funding facilities with a broad portfolio of funding options and assessment categories;
  • The rental amount reflects as an (OPEX)expense in the income statement, rather than a (CAPEX) in the balance sheet – Obtaining OPEX approval is generally easier than a CAPEX approval;
  • Unlike with traditional financing solutions, no deposit is required with absolutely no impact on your cash flow;
  • Customers can keep their existing finance facilities intact for other business purposes, rather than spending it on what is essentially a depreciating asset.

Use the calculator to calculate your monthly repayment:

Financial Calculator