Aircon Regassing Machine Automatic Y1234F only (KMC8020)


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Aircon Regassing Machine Automatic Y1234F Gas (KMC8020)

The KMC8020 Aircon regassing machine is an automatic aircon reclaim and regassing machine with printer for manufacturer approvals, made for use with Y1234F gas specifically, it has a big 8″ touch screen, with digital gauges, 8 sensors and a built in thermal printer.

Technical Data Aircon Regassing Machine Automatic KMC8020

Automatic Aircon Regassing Machine Y1234A Gas KMC8020:

  • 8″ big touch screen, digital gauges, display can be 360 degrees adjusted.
  • Automatic, allowing the technician to do other tasks.
  • Latest database for nearly 2000 vehicles, to enable recharge with only one click
  • Built in thermal printer
  • 8 Sensors inside, for work tank, pressure gauges, oil bottles etc.
  • Refrigerant and oil charge can be measured accurately
  • Extra long 3m Hoses.
  • PC Software shows current work progress directly, all maintenance data is recorded for further analysis.

Main Functions

  • Fully Automatic, recovery, vacuuming, charging etc. can be combined randomly.
  • Recovered refrigerant comply with SAE J2788 standard.
  • Separate and drain old oil automatically.
  • No chemicals used, more eco-friendly.
  • Removes incondensable gasses and moisture automatically.
  • Leak detection by refrigerant,
  • The pressure and temperature comparing table can tell if the vehicles air conditioner is operating properly.


Technical Data ACM100-2K Automatic Aircon Regassing Machine
Description Data
Recovery Speed 11g/s
Recycling Speed 13g/s
Vacuum Speed 3.2L/s
Recharging Speed 38g/s
Scale Accuracy +/- 10g
Work Tank Capacity 10KG
Dry Filter capability 98KG

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Terms & Conditions
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