Ezcalipre Measuring System Autorobot 300EL+1




EzCalipre Electronic Measuring System 300EL+3

The EzCalipre electronic measuring system EL300+3 in roller cabinet is complete with laptop and printer. It comes with 1 year updates.

Practical Repair Example

Computer Measuring Specs:

Measuring System 300EL+3:

  • Measures length and height. Height measuring based on reading vertical angle.
  • Works in conjunction with a Computer.
  • WLAN connection between tram gauge and computer.
  • Datasheet and program update packages are available via internet.
  • Length 1.7m, extension bar 0.9m, max. total length 2.6m.
  • Weight 2.3kg, extension bar 1.2 kg.
  • Rechargeable batteries. 5 hours operating time (depending on battery type).


  • Measures distance between start and end point (length) and height difference. Autorobot datasheet points are used as reference values.
  • Display can show length difference (vs. reference point), height difference (vs. reference point), start point number and end point number.
  • Point number display indicates also the selected vehicle side (L/R).
  • Necessary functions can be carried out from the tram gauge display unit itself: start point and end point selection, saving measuring results in the computer, and selecting the display mode for example.
  • Warns for low battery. Battery status can also be shown on the display as a numerical value (0 – 99).

Technical and Comparison Data

  • Cabinet is included.
  • Laptop is included.
  • Printer is included.
  • Measuring adaptors and extensions are included.
  • Auto Centering adaptors are included.
  • Able to measure outer widths.
  • Mechanical in and Out measurements included.
  • Works on all chassis benches and lifts, koreks and concrete floors (level or not).
  • Shortest measurable distance is 83mm.
  • Longest Measurable distance is 2600mm.
  • Biggest height difference measurable is 2600mm.
  • Full (True) 3D Calibration to vehicle plane (width and length).
  • Single Calibration them measures can be taken front and back of the vehicle.
  • Autorobot Datasheets included.
  • Underbody Datasheets.
  • Upper body Datasheets.
  • Datasheet updates available via internet monthly.
  • Annual update fees only R7,500.00 excl. V.A.T…
  • Real time computer connection, shows datasheet distance, measured distance and difference between datasheet value and measured value.
  • The Real time computer connection, shows datasheet height, measured height and difference between datasheet value and measured value.
  • Able to measure Chassis, upper body as well as doors, windows, back and side openings.
  • Reports available (Automatically).
  • Measured lengths and heights save to report automatically.
  • Reports at the click of a button.
  • Measuring report shows, datasheet value, measured value and difference between the datasheet value and measured value.
  • Before and After report available on Vehicle.
  • Computer shows length and height of pull required.

Terms & Conditions 

V.A.T. : The quoted price excludes V.A.T.
Warranty : One Year
Terms of Payment : 30% Deposit and balance by Bank Guarantee payable on completion of installation.
Training : Training on site is included, after commissioning.
Installation & Commissioning : In Gauteng accommodation and meals for the installation team will not be charged for. Installation and Commissioning is included however the connection of air hoses, water traps, electricity, roof sealing around the ducting, Flooring and any extension of ducting is for the clients account.
Delivery : Diesel is charged at R5.00/KM
Quotation Validity : 30 Days but subject to extraordinary currency fluctuations.
Please see our contract of sale for our full and detailed terms and conditions