Impact Wrench Set Screwdriver Type (L4-19346-24)


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Impact Wrench (L4-19346-24)

The Impact Wrench 13Pcs set (F2-14340-9) comes complete with Impact Wrench and 12 Driver Bits perfect for removing overtightened flat, Phillips or Hex screws.

Impact Wrench (L4-19346-24)

Product Name: Impact Wrench (L4-19346-24)
PCS Contents:
1pcs Impact Wrench
1pcs Large Phillips Bit
1pcs Medium Phillips Bit
1pcs Small Phillips Bit
1pcs XX Large Flat Bit 12mm x 2mm
1pcs X Large Flat Bit 10mm x 2mm
1pcs Large Flat Bit 8mm x 1.25mm
1pcs Medium Flat Bit 5mm x 1mm
1pcs Small Flat Bit 4mm x 1mm
1pcs Hex Bit 2mm
1pcs Hex Bit 3mm
1pcs Hex Bit 4mm
1pcs Hex Bit 5mm

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Terms & Conditions
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Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5 cm