Inverter MIG Brazer IM240i


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Inverter MIG Brazer IM240i

The Wielander + Schill IM240i is a compact Inverter based MIG Brazer with single torch which has an output of 140Amps and supply voltage of 220V.

The W+S IM240i Welder/Brazer is a compact MIGMAG welding Inverter developed for body repair, it has excellent brazing and steel welding capabilities.

Content of Delivery

  • Power Unit with Wheels and bottle holder
  • Welding Torch type MB15 3m
  • Earth Clamp
Technical Data IM240I Inverter MIG Brazer
Description Data
Input Voltage 220V 50Hz
Mains Cable 3 x 2.5mm2
Fusing 16 Amp Delayed
Load Capacity 20% @ 200Amps/24V
Load Capacity 60% @ 140Amps/21V
Load Capacity 100% @ 120Amps/20V
Peak Imput current 32 Amp @ 200Amp/24V
Effective Maximum Input Current 15 Amp @ 200Amp/24V/20%
No Load Output Voltage 40.2V
Efficiency 87%
Power Factor 0.75
Current Adjustment Range 20-200Amp
Voltage Adjustment Range 10-35V / 0.1V Step
Wire Speed Range 1.5-15m/min
Wire Feed Roll Diameter 37mm
Wire Spool Diameter 300mm max / 17kg max
Thermal Class H (180 Degrees Celcius)
Temperature Range -10 …. + 40 Degrees Cecius – Operating Temp
Temperature Range -40 …. + 80 Degrees Cecius – Storage Temp
Dimensions 890 x 365 x 602mm
Weight 29kg
Degree of Protection IP23

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V.A.T. : The quoted price excludes V.A.T.
Warranty : One Year
Terms of Payment : Payment before delivery.
Training : No training included simple DIY welding.
Installation: Easy DIY Assembly
Delivery : Delivery in Polokwane, and Centurion is included.
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