Preparation Deck Hurricane PS800A

The Hurricane PS800A prep station comes with a fan for air supply, exhaust and circulation. Therefore, the working environment is made extremely clean. Moreover, the product has a trench type return air as well as two rows of grills, which allows the air to circulate. Easy installation, and very small area occupied.

Preparation Deck Hurricane PS800A Technical Data

Technical Data YS300B Preparation Deck
Description Data
External Dimensions 7650×4106
Internal Dimensions 6400×4000
Basement Trench: The prep station is designed with two rows of trench with its size of 4600 ×760. The trench is covered with floor grille.
Circulation System 1. Inlet Fan: By adoption of Siemens technology, the YDW series double-inlet centrifugal fan is formed of compression-molded galvanized plates. This fan gives great air quantity, low noise, and superb temperature resistance. It is manufactured by a dedicated fan factory.

Detailed Data
– Model : YDW-5.6S
– Air Capacity: 15,000m3/h
– Total Pressure: 800Pa
– Rotational Speed : 900rpm
– Power: 5.5kW
– Quantity : 1 set

2. Exhaust Cabin: The framework is constructed from section bar. The cabin body is assembled by painted steel plates, featuring stable structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient maintenance

Purification System The primary filter is placed under the grille. It serves to capture large dust particles. The second filter is a filter bag, which is put inside the exhaust cabin for the purpose of catching the residual dust.
Control Systrm 1. It is assembled by superior-quality electronic components. All operations are set to be completed for only once.
2. The main circuit comes with multiple protective functions, such as excess current, excess load, short circuit, phase failure, and some others. Other available functions embrace the polisher switch, the emergency stop switch, the failure alarm, and much more.
Total Power 5.5KW

Terms & Conditions 

V.A.T. : The quoted price excludes V.A.T.
Warranty : One Year
Terms of Payment : 30% Deposit and balance by Bank Guarantee payable on completion of installation.
Training : Training on site is included, after commissioning.
Installation & Commissioning : In Gauteng accommodation and meals for the installation team will not be charged for. Installation and Commissioning is included however the connection of air hoses, water traps, electricity, roof sealing around the ducting, Flooring and any extension of ducting is for the clients account.
Delivery : Diesel is charged at R5.00/KM
Quotation Validity : 30 Days but subject to extraordinary currency fluctuations.
Please see our contract of sale for our full and detailed terms and conditions