Truck Chassis Bench Hurricane 8m W6000

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 Truck Chassis Bench Hurricane 8m W6000

First of all the Hurricane W6000 8m Truck Chassis bench is supplied with a complete range of clamps and tools. Because of the clamps and tools provided major repairs to trucks and trailers are easily performed. Finally extended towers also make repairs to cabs possible.

Technical Data W6000 8m Truck Chassis Bench
Description Data
Platform Length 8000mm
Platform Width 2560mm
Platform Height 600mm
Single Tower Maximum Tension 25T
Tower Working Range 270°
Estimated Total Weight 12,000KG





Included with W6000 8m Truck Chassis Bench
Description Qty Picture
Platform 8m Long x 2.56m Wide x 600mm High 1 w6000
Ramps 1 w6000
Pulling Towers 4 w6000
Tower Extention 2 w6000
Main Chain 16mm x 4.5mntion Tower chain 12mm x 7m 4+2 w6000
Cylinder Inner Tower 25T 5 w6000
Footpumps 5
Quick Coupler 3/8″ 8 w6000
High Pressure Hoses 5 w6000
Chain Wheel 4set + small Chain Wheel 2 sets 10 w6000
Tower Locking System 4 w6000
Locking Plates 4 w6000
Locking Bolts 4 w6000
Frame Protection tools 1 w6000
Down Pullers 1 w6000
25ton Hydraulic Jack Stand 1 w6000
25Tpon Jack Stand 1 w6000
E-Clamp 1 w6000
Wide Flange Hook 1 w6000
L-Clamp / Narrow Flange Hook 1 w6000
Big Pull Clamp 1 w6000
Chain Connector 4 w6000
C-Clamp 1 w6000
Big Mouth Clamp 1 w6000
Nose Clamp 1 w6000
Nylon Strap 1 w6000
Hook 1 w6000
Self Tightening Clamp 1 w6000
Steel Sling 1 w6000
Safety Steel onnector 4 w6000
Sill Hook 1 w6000
Right Angle clamp 1 w6000
Tool Trolley with 16 Hooks 1 w6000
Power Pusher Kit 1 w6000
25ton Flange Press 1 w6000
Remote Electric Pump 1 w6000
Measuring Stick 1 w6000
flange wrench 1 w6000
Fame Spread Blocks 1 w6000

Terms & Conditions 

V.A.T. : The quoted price excludes V.A.T.
Warranty : One Year
Terms of Payment : 50% Deposit and balance by Bank Guarantee payable on completion of installation.
Training : Training on site is included, after commissioning.
Installation & Commissioning : In Gauteng accommodation and meals for the installation team will not be charged for. Installation and Commissioning is included however the connection of air hoses, water traps, electricity, roof sealing around the ducting, Flooring and any extension of ducting is for the clients account.
Delivery : Diesel is charged at R9.50/KM return
Quotation Validity : 30 Days but subject to extraordinary currency fluctuations.
Please see our contract of sale for our full and detailed terms and conditions


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